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Free Oil Painting for Beginners and fine art class tutorials by Andrew Whyte (New Zealand)

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Hi, I am Andrew Whyte from New Zealand. Painting is a fun, relaxing and affordable hobby at the very least and for many people, like me, it is a way of earning extra money to continue the passion. My website is loaded with lots of free tutorials, paintings and videos which you are freely welcome to enjoy. My work is partly funded by Google advertisers using Adsense and Youtube so please support them.

What you need to start oil painting

What you Need to Start Oil Painting below is a free video that will get you started. There is also a text only
Oil Painting for Beginners tutorial
Have fun!

To expand on the above I have a handy video on cleaning up your brushes in a way that saves Turpentine and will make your brushes last for years.


Follow on if you want to get cracking and produce your first painting and subscribe to my YouTube for even more inspiration.

Painting Landscapes. In the free Painting Landscapes fine art class tutorial you will enjoy the development of two New Zealand landscape oil paintings with text, photographs and narrated videos.

lessons on oil painting

Watch over my shoulder as I paint 'Haast Pass' in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
This is the text only pages for 'Painting Landscapes'.

The video tutorials for 'Painting Landscapes' includes the entire development of a mountain painting from New Zealand with nearly three hours of video tutorials from my studio. These lessons are supported by Google advertisers. Please support them.

More Tutorials on my Website

Interested in color mixing? Follow this series and I will give you lots of tips. Colour Mixing in Oils

is always an interesting way of demonstrating painting. See the Papamoa Series starting with the hunt.

Follow the Otago New Zealand Painting through to completion in a series of videos.

Help me continue my work

You can do me a big favour by sharing my free tutorials with your friends. Simply paste this link into your social media. I would very much appreciate it.

I have loads of interested content posted to my YouTube channel posted every week including the places I am visiting and painting. Make sure you subscribe.

I am working on a new collection of paintings called 'Impressions of Britain' which, at this stage, you can follow by liking my facebook page.

Thank you for coming. Andrew

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